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How, and when, do I apply for the Kalamazoo Promise? Click on the following link  for complete information about how to apply. Click Here

1. How is attendance calculated if the student leaves the KPS system and then later returns?

2. Why is the benefit graduated on a sliding scale?  

3. Why offer this program to the graduates of Kalamazoo Public Schools?

4. Will students who live in a neighboring district and apply to KPS under the Schools of Choice Agreement be eligible for this award?  

5. Will students who attend KPS and transfer out of the system prior to graduation be eligible?  

6. What is the application process?

7. Do I need to fill out the FAFSA application?  

8. How will this award work with other post-secondary financial opportunities?  

9. What are the eligible universities and/or colleges?

10. Are vocational schools eligible?  

11. Can the scholarship be transferred to a private college or out-of-state vocational training program?

12. Are there additional requirements that must be met after the initial award?

13. What happens if the student fails to meet the requirements? Is the scholarship no longer available?

14. If the award is not needed due to other academic scholarships, can the award be applied to room and board fees?  

15. How does The Kalamazoo Promise work with the Michigan Education Trust Fund?

16. What are considered to be mandatory fees?

17. Are application fees covered?

18. When will scholarship funds be available?

19. Are deposits required to secure enrollment covered?

20. How long do students have to use the the Kalamazoo Promise?

21. Are summer school classes covered by the Promise?