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Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper
Sheri Welsh, President
Welsh & Associates

Welsh & Associates ― with its front-row view of the changing dynamics of America’s employment picture ―has long recognized the need for greater emphasis on education. With the establishment of The Kalamazoo Promise in 2005, the company became an inaugural partner, supporter and vocal advocate of the Promise.

“We see what happens when you align passion with purpose and talent,” says Welsh & Associates President Sheri Welsh. “The Promise gives every graduate of Kalamazoo Public Schools the opportunity to explore their passions, develop their talents and attain their full potential.”

Under Sheri’s enthusiastic leadership, Welsh & Associates has been an important voice to region’s employers and job candidates. In her capacity, Sheri provides an essential link between the local educational community and the local business community. How is the global economy affecting our region? What job skills and knowledge will help local employers today? In 10 years? In 30 years? Sheri has made it her mission to ask these questions and to work with leaders from both sectors in the practical application of solutions that drive positive change.

An example of this is Sheri’s work as a member of The Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo, which directly supports the goals of The Promise. Working with the Greater Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce, Sheri helped organize the Learning Network: Next Steps. By gathering individuals from a broad range of organizations throughout the region, this event identified specific opportunities for professionals to engage with education.

Through efforts such as this, Sheri is helping to build a chorus of like-minded change agents who enthusiastically help keep the Promise. Thank you, Sheri!