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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Kalamazoo Promise and Michigan Colleges Alliance Agreement (MCA)

  1. When will the agreement begin?
    • Students graduating from Kalamazoo Public Schools and eligible to receive The Kalamazoo Promise beginning in 2015 and beyond may use their Promise awards at MCA institutions beginning in the fall of 2015.
  2. Will students currently attending MCA institutions and eligible for The Kalamazoo Promise be able to use their Promise awards in the fall of 2015?
    • No, only students who graduate in 2015 or later will be. 
  3. How does The Kalamazoo Promise award work with MCA institutions?
  • The following table gives a sample of how a couple of hypothetical students would be funded: 
2020 Funding Examples

100% Promise

75% Promise

2014 Average U of M Tuition and Fees*



Promise Award



Student Contribution



MCA Sample Tuition and Fees **



MCA Contribution



*Average U of M tuition and mandatory fees will be calculated each year based on published rates for the College of Literature, Science & the Arts

** Tuition and fees are established by each of the 14 MCA member institutions annually

  1. All the normal paperwork and procedures currently required for applying for and receiving The Kalamazoo Promise will remain the same.What paperwork or procedures will be required to attend MCA institutions on The Kalamazoo Promise?​​​
  • ​Application and acceptance to MCA institutions will be done by each MCA institution according to their procedures and standards of acceptance.
  1. How will other financial aid and expenses not covered by The Kalamazoo Promise award and the MCA contribution be affected?
    • Specific details on each student’s financial aid package will be determined by institutions to which students apply, based on the FAFSA and other information collected in the admissions process.  In all cases, students eligible for The Kalamazoo Promise will always be awarded both Promise and institutional matching funds.
    • This agreement covers tuition and mandatory fees only and does not cover other expenses such as room and board or books.